We believe that every establishment in the surrounding area should be sourcing locally. Look around, it's growing everywhere! It should go without saying. 

Where we are in our evolution, is working to know these dedicated farmers in a more personal way. It is these partnerships that provide us the opportunity to learn from each other, to gather the knowledge of needs on both sides of the food equation to better tailor our menu and products to provide a mutually beneficial relationship. 




The next piece of the Preserve puzzle is these awesome folks. Often picking up directly where the farmers left off, or are farmers themselves, raw ingredients are transformed into a myriad of value added products for us to offer to you. 

We do many of these tasks in house, but also look to those whose specialized skills  take it a step further than any one establishment can accomplish. This network of cheese-makers, brewers, winemakers, and preservationists is ever growing, and a huge part of our vision.


Full circle


At the core of our business is an idea of community, a sustainable and prosperous community based right here in Winters. We are constantly seeking new ways to serve as both source and end user.  

We try to find a good solution for each other's potential waste; we purchase the local farmers abundance when they have no outlet,  restaurant food waste is separated in the kitchen to feed the pigs, fryer oil fuels a local purveyors next delivery. One person's burden is another's opportunity. Let's work together!